Friday, August 19, 2011

How He Embraced Islam..

Leaders On Mahdi Imam

Brother Harun yahya talks about Imaam Mahdi .

Harun Yahya Is really working for UNITY.

Sheik Yusuf Estes talking about Harun Yahya's woks.

Sheik Shabir Ali talking about Yahya's Works.

Speaker and writer Idris Tawfeeq talking about Yahyas works.

Dr. Zakir Naik (India) and Imaam Jamaan Alzahrani (Saudi Arabia) Meeting Harunyahya, in this interview brother Harun Yahya stressed the importance for Muslim Unity.

Guests from Iran meeting Harun Yahya ,and discuss about Muslim Unity.

Sheik Nazim Al-Qubrusi's Talks with Brother Harun Yahya in 1987

"Peolpe of the Books" (Christians and Jews) from Israel Meets brother Harun Yahya in a Joint press conference, in this meet Yahya talked about religious tolerance, about Jesus (pbuh) second coming, Mahdis arrival and Global dominion of Islam.

Freemason Leaders Meeting brother Harun Yahya.

From the above interviews we came to know that brother Harun yahya is seriously striving for Muslim unity and works for the global dominion of Islam, people of various schools of thoughts from different parts of the world meet Yahya. This clearly shows the kind of influence he is making on them through his works , let us hope that the other scholars from Muslim world will also work like him in the future and create a beautiful impact about Islam around the globe InshAllah.