Monday, October 26, 2009

Its happening as Brother HARUN YAHYA said...

As Brother HARUN YAHYA said..
Adnan Oktar: A Turkish-Islamic Union will emerge under Turkish leadership, with the help of the Turkish Union which will be formed through the unification of the Turkic states, insha’Allah. This will happen under the leadership of Turkey and we are already heading towards it step by step. The ideal form of this is Turkey acting as the leader. Every nation state will be separate, but there will be a spiritual union, insha’Allah, like the European Union. Passports and visas will not be required, countries will be able to trade freely with one another, they will exchange goods and will become brothers.
Visa between Turkey and many Muslim countries; Sudan, Qatar, Syria, Iraq is being removed.
Turkey and Albania mutually agreed that visa will be removed between two countries and new agreements will be signed.
In December or January, there will be similar meetings with Russia as well.



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  2. yes yes ALhamdullilah brother. ITs all happening. By Allahs will the full Islamic world unity will be coming soon. InshAllah

  3. let us wait and see

  4. my dear Jamshad
    after goin through your blog. wat i feel is that you are just a big fan of Adnan Oktar aka Harun Yahya. you are kind of trying to idolise him.. which Islam does not permit.. after all he is just a creation of almighty ALLAH. trying to know about Islam is good but don't fall for idolisation brother..

  5. My Dear Anonymous Brother...
    I have put pictures of BIRDS, Flowers,FRUITS, other famous islamic Scholars, etc...etc.. in my blog...Does that mean even i IDOLISE any of these GOD'S creatures?
    Idon't even idolise my prophet (s.a.w)..IDOLISING GODS CREATURE IS "SHIRK"...
    And Trying to MEASURE OTHERS INTENTION is not encouraged in IslAM.

  6. waalaikum salam brother..
    i'm not trying to measure you or your intentions..
    i do have read works of Harun yahya, Deedat, zakir naik, Bukai and few other blogs n sites which you haven't mentioned..and even a few in wich other people say bad things about you and i do appreciate the pain you are taking to project his works wich should be done and yet the thing is that you just give too much of importance to Harun Yahya than his works. wich makes me think u consider Harun Yahya is the greates ever...but wat you do in your blog is not propagating his work but project him as the next great thing.. wich might sound ok for you and many others.. but it might not ring bells for many others.."to whom do you really wan't to project it
    1.persons who have heard about him and have read his works
    2.persons who have heard about him and have not read any of his works
    3.persons who have no idea about who Harun Yahya is ?
    and if you do wan't to project it the third kind of people then do it in a much better way brother. a book or an article pr lectureor speech all have the same ways a firs you need structure it steadilly..
    if you really wan't to project it do it in much more better way. if you wan't project his ideas why don't you try contacting him try to get prints of his works try giving it for free as he does. may be find enough interstd brothers and try translating it into local languages.. once a frnd of mine askd me to tell him name of some book to read.. so i've given him the name of Yaya's book the preished nations. he told me that he couldn't get hold of a copy of it in any of the stores around.. so if you really wan't to project his work.. nothin else will be better than gud old way of printed books..let me pray may Allah help you out..